What is a board game café?

  • A board game café is the perfect balance between your local bistro style café mixed with electronic free fun. Something we call, “Unplug &Play.” We provide an extensive library of over 550+ and growing collection of both board and card games, as well as our award-winning menu that includes that includes sandwiches, salads, tacos, snacks trays, and desserts.  We also offer craft beer, wine & bottled drinks all under the same roof.

How does it work? 

  • Come eat, come play or come eat & play.  First and foremost, we are a Café so stop by and just eat if you are hungry.  If you choose to play games while dining or just plan to come and play games, we charge a small fee of $5 for game access or what we call our “Play Pass” for gaming.  You can play as many games as you want for as long as you want in one sitting. We are available to help you with your gaming adventure by explaining game rules and teaching or recommending you new ones.

Can customers play for a while, then leave and return later?

  • Short of a break to stretch your legs, grab a cigarette, or run to your car for a jacket, we don’t allow in-and-out privileges; customers who leave for an extended period of time (such as to purchase food or eat at a different venue) will be required to purchase a Play Pass again for a same day visit. 

Why do I have to pay to play games? 

  • The Play Pass is good for one visit, much like a movie ticket, putt putt, escape room or bowling. The Play Pass also helps us give you the best experience we can. As you can imagine, games get beat up, pieces get lost, and the occasional drink spills. The Play Pass helps keep our games replenished and in working order so you can play without worrying! Also, games take time.  Since we are a restaurant and we do not focus on turning tables like all eating establishments this helps us off set the unlimited game access we provide. 

Is food or drink included in the Play Pass fee? 

  • No, food and drink purchased from the café are additional expenses. 

Do customers have to pay the Play Pass fee if they are not playing?

  • No, we do not currently charge the Play Pass fee if is not necessary if you are only stopping for coffee or dinner.

Do you take credit cards? 

  • Yes, we take VISA, Mastercard, and Discover; unfortunately, we do not take American Express. There is a $5.00 minimum on credit card transactions; there is no minimum on debit card transactions

Can I bring my children?  

  •  Yes, we are all age friendly.  Plus, we do include one child 10 & under free play with each Play Pass Purchase.

Do you host events?  

  • Yes!  We love groups and events.  We currently have Trivia every Thursday at 7pm (reservations are required to play).  Plus, we are always doing events including learn to plays, tournaments and D&D.

What about large groups?  

  • We have that covered also!  Schedule your meet up, family reunion, birthday, wedding parties, & office party with us!  We ask that groups larger than 8 contact the café in advance to reserve seats.  You can also rent the café for private events to provide you with additional space during these times we are in. 

How are you keeping the gaming experience safe during Covid?

  • Aside from keeping the café wiped down and sanitized constantly we are requiring the use of hand sanitizer prior to anyone selecting any games from our library.  We also require all played games be placed on our game return cart so we can sanitize and/or quarantine them before they return to the shelf.  

Still Undecided?  

  •  Check out our reviews and read what our customers are saying.

Can I bring my own games to play?  

  • We currently do not charge a Play Pass fee if you bring your own games if we do not have the titles in our library and you make a café purchase of at least $5.  We do require to check in and out your games upon entering to avoid the confusion of ours vs yours.  Check out our game library tab before you come.